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About Us


Our Story

Innovating health and wellness by combining old-school health care delivery with the latest and best evidence in medicine, health care and personal/leadership development

Our Team

We are building an exceptional team of doctors and other clinicians with the training, knowledge, skills and abilities to help you maximize your full potential. 

Our Founder

Dr. Chris Mason, DO, MS, FACEP, FACOEP

Dr. Mason earned his Bachelor of Science degree at Arizona State University and spent time in the world of work before coming to medicine, enjoying successful careers in Pharmaceuticals, Construction and Law Enforcement. He earned a Masters degree in Biochemistry along the way before medical school at Midwestern University the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine. He completed a 4-year residency in Emergency Medicine in the Detroit MI area. His training and experience before medicine make him uniquely suited to work with people, projects and ideas across a wide spectrum of challenges and opportunities. This also gives him a refreshing insight to health and wellness and transforming the delivery of medical care today.

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